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There are many different shapes and styles of cartons, with various tuck-in flaps and gluing positions. CT printers will work closely with you to develop a carton that will best suit your requirements, to produce a highly effective and appropriate pack style for your carton in your chosen market.

Firstly, we will establish the size and shape of the carton. This can be done either by supplying us the packaging measurements or, preferably, by supplying us with the product itself to enable us to construct a suitable carton.

We will address the end use of the packaging and how it will be displayed, taking into account such things as the strength and durability required. This information helps us to determine the most suitable board type and thickness to suit your product.

We will then produce a mock up of the carton on the correct board, preferably with your product inside it, to enable you to submit your approval prior to the final design of the artwork.

We will also advise on the best way to print and finish the carton. We can help you by providing examples of existing cartons previously manufactured, explaining the differences between them and how these would affect your carton and your budget.
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 Cartons with tuck-in flaps